Patient Testimonials

  • back pain relief Mobile, AL

    My doctors were wanting to discuss a 2nd back surgery for my daily back pain and leg numbness. The pain was preventing me from even walking through the grocery store. Now I am having no more pain or symptoms and can once again do activities that I would avoid before.


  • neck pain relief Mobile, AL

    Before I came to therapy, I was having terrible neck pain and migraine-like headaches that were hindering my work and daily life. Now I haven’t had pain or a headache in over a month.


  • I have struggled with TMJ and jaw pain for years. I am amazed that the pain is completely gone! And as a bonus, the tension in my neck and shoulders is gone as well. Thank you so much!


  • I had just gotten out of a car wreck and my neck and shoulders were in horrible condition. people could barely touch me without my crying in agony. thankfully for Kristjan, I can now go back to work and live a normal life without pain.


  • Grelot Physical Therapy has helped me for the past three years. I have had hamstring, back, ankle, and hip issues and they never fail to get me feeling better and healthy enough to play soccer.


  • The PT that was set up from the start till the end was set in a way that helped me to be headache free for nearly 5 months. Even getting headshots(Botox) they would only help short term but PT it has made a great improvement to my life.


  • The level of care is excellent! Time is taken to explain you injury as well as how and what you should do to do to alleviate your pain…to recover from it. Grelot PT has been one of the best PT experiences I’ve ever had. Thank you.


  • I came to Grelot PT for jaw therapy because I was having a LOT of pain while eating/chewing. It had been going on for several months and I had no idea what to do. I reached out to several PTs who know Mobile well and they all recommended Grelot. After my final visit today I am in less pain, have more functionality and feel very welcome at Grelot!


  • foot pain relief Mobile, AL

    I came in with incredible pain in my feet. Through great care and direction, I have had tremendous improvement.


  • headache relief Mobile, AL

    I have been suffering from headaches and neck pain for about a year. To my surprise and relief, I am now waking up in the morning without a headache.


  • chronic pain relief Mobile, AL

    I was in pain 24/7. Since I began therapy at Grelot Physical Therapy, I am able to sleep at night and go to the mall; no pain, no hip giving out and no stumbling.


  • I came with my knee swollen and aching; and with no hope of getting better. The therapist was very patient and seemed to have more confidence in me than I had in myself…I feel much better and there is no pain.