The PT that was set up from the start till the end was set in a way that helped me to be headache free for nearly 5 months.

- M.S.

If you suffer from headaches, you are not alone. Approximately 80-90% of people across the U.S. endure occasional or frequent tension headaches. They are also the third most commonly reported source of pain across the world! Whether they are acute and temporary or constant and chronic (such as migraines), headaches can all be treated by physical therapy.

You may not think of physical therapy as your first remedy for headaches. Most of the time, the common reaction is to take some form of pain-relieving medication. This may help to relieve pain in the short-term, but if you are constantly suffering from headaches or migraines, pain relief drugs will not provide you with the same long-term effects that physical therapy will. If you’ve been dealing with pain caused by headaches, contact Grelot Physical Therapy today. We will help you figure out what is causing your headaches and provide an effective, safe, and natural treatment plan for eliminating them!

We can help

Tension headaches, cervicogenic headaches, musculoskeletal headaches, occipital and temporal headaches often respond really well to physical therapy. They are typically the results of injuries, poor posture or tension to the neck, shoulder blade muscles or even the jaw muscles. Muscle imbalances with some muscles being too tight and other muscles too weak or with poor endurance will cause undue stress on the system. Trigger points will develop, referring pain to the head.

You might say “it’s just a muscle”, but pain in this area can be excruciating and terribly debilitating.

Find relief for your headaches through physical therapy:

If you are suffering from headaches, contact our Mobile physical therapy office today. At Grelot Physical Therapy, we are dedicated to providing you with the best treatments for your headaches. At your initial appointment, one of our highly trained physical therapists will conduct a physical evaluation and ask you questions about your health history and symptoms, in order to determine what type of headache you are experiencing and where the pain is stemming from. A treatment plan will then be designed specifically for you and your recovery.

At Grelot Physical Therapy, our treatments for headaches focus on relieving pain, improving posture and strengthening muscles in the neck and upper back. These will all help in making your daily life much more comfortable and bearable – without the pain of headaches! To schedule your appointment, contact Grelot Physical Therapy today to speak to one of our Mobile physical therapists.