Balance & Dizziness

Balance & Dizziness

Find Relief for Balance and Gait Disorders

Have you sustained a fall recently? Do you ever feel unbalanced: as if you may fall over unexpectedly? Are you afraid to go outside – or even walk around in your home because you feel unsteady on your feet? Does pain in your joints make it difficult to move around? Is it hard for you to get up from sitting or manage steps and stairs?

Poor balance or gait disorders can severely impact both your physical and mental wellbeing. There are many reasons why they may occur, from simple general weakness to severe neurological or musculoskeletal disorders. Fortunately, most of these conditions are effectively treated with physical therapy.

“I have fallen and I can’t get up!” It’s nice to have a button to push for help. But have you ever thought about why the person fell in the 1st place? Wouldn’t it be better to not fall at all?

By participating in a personalized treatment plan designed by one of our Mobile physical therapists, you can significantly reduce your symptoms and may even correct your condition altogether. For more information on how to find relief from your balance or gait disorder, contact Grelot Physical Therapy today!

What are some of the causes of poor balance or gait disorders?

Injury or ailment –

Any injury to the lower half of your body may alter your gait and interfere with your balance. Whether you sustained a sudden onset of an injury or it developed over time as overuse or from poor posture or alignment of your legs, pain, stiffness, and weakness can set in and make it difficult to walk.

Neurological issues –

Weakness and poor coordination from various neurological events can wreak havoc on your body and really throw your balance and gait for a loop. Some common conditions include traumatic brain injuries, stroke, Parkinson’s disease, and MS, to name a few.

Find relief with physical therapy:

At your initial appointment, one of our dedicated Mobile physical therapists will conduct a comprehensive physical evaluation to examine your balance, gait, stance, symptoms, and medical history. After your evaluation, our physical therapist will create a personalized treatment plan for you, based on your specific needs. Treatment plans for balance and gait disorders typically include:

Stretches –

Targeted stretches will give you more flexibility and ROM so you can move better. They will help in keeping your muscles from becoming too tight and stiff.

Strengthening exercises –

Strengthening your trunk, hips and lower extremities will enable you to move quicker and better. Not only do you need good strength but your muscles must also be agile in order to catch you and right you up if you misstep, trip or if someone bumps into you and throws you off balance.

Gait retraining exercises –

Your body has an amazing ability to compensate for the various deficits you might have from injuries or neurological conditions. However, you may develop movement patterns and habits that can result in unfavorable stresses on your joints and ligaments. This oftentimes leaves you vulnerable to further injury and fall risks. Your physical therapist will walk you through proper posture, stance, and walking techniques to become as functional as you can be.

If you are suffering from a balance or gait disorder, contact our Mobile physical therapy office to schedule your initial consultation. At Grelot Physical Therapy, we are dedicated to helping you regain your balance and get you steady on your feet!