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Patient Testimonials
I was in pain 24/7. Since I began therapy at Grelot Physical Therapy, I am able to sleep at night and go to the mall; no pain, no hip giving out and no stumbling. (E.L.)
I came with my knee swollen and aching; and with no hope of getting better. The therapist was very patient and seemed to have more confidence in me than I had in myself…I feel much better and there is no pain. (S.S.)
I have been suffering from headaches and neck pain for about a year. To my surprise and relief, I am now waking up in the morning without a headache. (L.C.)
I came in with incredible pain in my feet. Through great care and direction, I have had tremendous improvement. (D.P.)

We are committed to helping you with your pain and disability to allow you to regain the fullest pain-free functional activity level possible.

What is your physical problem?

Do you have frequent headaches? Does your neck hurt? Do you have low back pain that keeps you from enjoying your favorite activities? Do you have jaw pain or does your jaw click or pop? These are only a few of the many ailments we treat successfully at Grelot Physical Therapy.

Being in pain is no fun — and not necessary! Find out how to get rid of your pain by calling us at (251) 343-1178. We will design a treatment program for you that fits your lifestyle and gets you functioning again. You will leave our clinic with less pain and greater mobility. We will also educate you on how you can stay healthy on your own and prevent pain from coming back.

Our philosophy

At Grelot Physical Therapy our patients always come first. We emphasize return to full function. We achieve this through expert evaluation and treatment skills, continuity of care by one-on-one treatment, and hands-on training with licensed therapists — no aides!

Why choose Grelot Physical Therapy?

What we hear most from our patients is that we spend more time with them and we use our hands to work on them compared with other clinics. This is what we feel sets us apart. Anyone can give you a set of exercises and throw a hot pack over you, but it takes real skill and knowledge to figure out what movement is impaired and what needs to be done to the muscles and joints to make them work properly again. And that, in essence, is what we do best here at Grelot Physical Therapy.

Our Goal

We strive to provide the highest quality and most comprehensive physical therapy care in Mobile.

When you leave, we hope that you will have decreased pain and improved function. You will be educated so that you can maintain your condition and you will feel cared for as an individual.

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